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 History of Old Hickory  

Old Hickory is a neighborhood of metropolitan Nashville named in honor of President Andrew Jackson who was nicknamed "Old Hickory." This area is located in the Hadley Bend section of eastern Davidson County. The area is probably best known for being a former company town as the site of a large DuPont plant. Many of the houses in Old Hickory were built to house DuPont employees and supervisors in the early days of the factory's existence.

Old Hickory is bordered by the Cumberland River on the north and west, Old Hickory Lake to the east, and the former city of Lakewood to the south. To the north of the area is also the location of Old Hickory Lock and Dam. The main street through the area is Old Hickory Boulevard (Tennessee State Route 45).

The area today is the site of a country club, large golf course, city park, a Chamber of Commerce, and the DuPont plant, which has been mostly shut down but continues to employ a few hundred workers. 

Many historic homes are located in the area known as the Village . Old Hickory, containing a number that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The smaller bungalow houses were built by DuPont as residences for factory workers, with the larger homes being designated for management. Many of the formerly dilapidated houses are being renovated and gentrified. Old Hickory and surrounding areas continues to grow. 


Old Hickory Gun Powder Plant
Old Hickory Community Town for Dupontn Bu
Bungalow Houses built in  Old Hickory
Old Hickory Lock & Dam
Old Hickory Lake Anchor HighMarina
Old Hickory Lake
Cumberland River
North Entrance to Old Hickory, TN
Old Hickory TN 37138
Old Hickory Country Club
Old Hickory Country Club Golf Course
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